Brno is the capital of Moravia and is situated in the southern part of the province.

South Moravia is the wine country of the Czech Republic. Residents enjoy the highest amount of sunshine as well as a warm climate, favourable for both grapevines and recreation.

This may be the reason why South Moravia is the second most frequented region of the country after Prague, with 1.3 million tourists visiting every year.

  • Villa Tugendhat

    Villa Tugendhat

    Distance from Hotel: 2,6km

    The extraordinary Villa Tugendhat is one of the world’s iconic buildings. It is the work of the German-American architect Ludwig Miese van der Rohe and is especially important because it […]

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  • Castle Spilber

    Castle Spilber

    Distance from Hotel: 1,2km

    Spilberk was founded in the mid-13th century as a royal castle for the defence of the kingdom as well as the town. Thanks to its strategic location, it later became […]

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  • Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul (Petrov)

    Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul (Petrov)

    Distance from Hotel: 500m

    The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (Petrov) is one of the dominating features of the city of Brno. It was originally the site of a Romanesque church; in the […]

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  • Old Town Hall

    Old Town Hall

    Distance from Hotel: 650m

    The Old Town Hall complex is the oldest surviving secular building that in Brno. The historical core of the building and its tower dates to approximately 1240. The archway connecting […]

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  • St. James church and ossuary

    St. James church and ossuary

    Distance from Hotel: 950m

    The earliest written record of the Church of St James in Brno dates back to 1228. The Romanesque church from the early 13th century was later replaced by a beautiful […]

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  • Moravian Karst

    Moravian Karst

    Distance from Hotel: 24km

    To the north of Brno (25km) is the Moravian Karst, an area of stalactite caves and deep gorges, as well as historical and pilgrimage sites. Several caves are open to […]

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  • Castle Lednice

    Castle Lednice

    Distance from Hotel: 53km

    Just 53 km south of Brno is Lednice Castle, which began life as a Renaissance villa but was re-designed in the 19th century in Neo-Gothic style after the English ducal […]

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  • Chateu Valtice

    Chateu Valtice

    Distance from Hotel: 60km

    Close to the Lednice is Valtice, the town of wine and where the best wine festival in the Czech Republic is held in September each year. The centrepiece of Valtice, […]

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  • The Wine Salon of the Czech Republic

    The Wine Salon of the Czech Republic

    Distance from Hotel: 60km

    The Wine Salon of the Czech Republic is the most prestigious wine competition in the country. The top 100 wines are then permanently available for public wine-tasting in the cellars […]

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  • Archeopark Pavlov

    Archeopark Pavlov

    Distance from Hotel: 50km

    Over the decades, archaeologists in Moravia have discovered a large number of items from places where our ancestors lived in the Paleolithic period, the time of the mammoth hunters. The […]

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  • Austerlitz and Napoleon

    Austerlitz and Napoleon

    Distance from Hotel: 19km

    The Battle of Austerlitz on the 2 December 1805  was one of the most important and decisive engagements of the Napoleonic Wars. In what is widely regarded as the greatest […]

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  • Slavic fortified settlement at Mikulčice

    Slavic fortified settlement at Mikulčice

    Distance from Hotel: 71km

    The Slavic Fortified Settlement in Mikulčice, near the present-day Slovak border, is the best preserved archeological site documenting the early-medieval, Great Moravian Empire of the 8th and 9th centuries. The […]

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