Austerlitz and Napoleon

The Battle of Austerlitz on the 2 December 1805  was one of the most important and decisive engagements of the Napoleonic Wars. In what is widely regarded as the greatest ever victory achieved by Napoleon, the French emperor used ingenious tactics to defeat a larger Russian and Austrian army in a more strategic position. The battle occurred near the village of Austerlitz, now called Slavkov near Brno. Every year the battle is re-enacted near the village of Tvarožná with hundreds of soldiers in period uniforms.

The Austerlitz Battlefield today is dominated by the Cairn of Peace, a monument commemorating the war. Visitors to Austerlitz Battlefield can view the area and gain an understanding of the landscape occupied by the opposing armies on the day of the battle. The best views can be seen from the numerous surrounding hills which defined the Austerlitz Battlefield including Zuran, from where Napoleon commanded his tactical success, the Pratzen Heights and Santon. Numerous plaques and information boards showing the military campaign are located in the surrounding area.

The Cairn of Peace has an adjoining chapel and a museum, allowing visitors to the Austerlitz Battlefield to view multimedia displays and exhibits about the battle, including the background and the aftermath. Exhibits are available in English, Czech, German, French and Russian.


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