Moravian Karst

To the north of Brno (25km) is the Moravian Karst, an area of stalactite caves and deep gorges, as well as historical and pilgrimage sites. Several caves are open to the public. A major attraction is the underground Punkva Caves, where a tour will take you to the bottom of the 140-metre deep Macocha abyss and in one section, sails on the dark subterranean Punkva River through Kateřinská Cave, Sloupsko-šošůvské Caves and all the way to Balcarka and Výpustek Caves. Another cave system, the Výpustek Cave, was the site of Nazi aircraft factories in Wold War II and later an underground fallout shelter and secret command post in communist times.

In the nearby village Křtiny, you can admire the Baroque pilgrimage Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary with St. Ann Chapel and and cloisters, built between 1728-1750.


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